With a model's good looks, a buxom lithe figure and martial arts skills based on her hero Bruce Lee, Sopiea Kong has star quality.

The 33-year-old had already starred in the TV contest Ninja Warrior and has a faithful Instagram following.

But the kung fu hottie may not be posting pictures for a while after being implicated in an incredible worldwide crime sting.

Frustrated by phone apps which encrypt messages, the FBI came up with a plan to crack down on the illegal drugs trade.

They created their own app – ANOM – on supposedly super-secure phones, getting crooks to use them in the belief that cyber cops would be clueless. But police would be able to read their messages the whole time.

An Australian underworld figure was duped into distributing the customised phones to his associates back in 2018. These 'secure' phones couldn't be used for calls or emails and could only communicate with other ANOM users.

Three years on from its launch, the app was being used on 12,000 encrypted devices linked to more than 300 criminal gangs in more than 100 countries. The crooks had shared 25 million messages before cops decided to pounce.

In Australia's biggest ever police bust, 200 people were arrested, as well as an extraordinary haul of 3.77 tonnes of drugs, $45 million in cash, as well as guns, luxury cars, motorbikes and watches.

Messages included details of 21 murder plots, a cafe machine gun attack, and knowledge of drug and gun shipments along with other crimes.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw said: "All they talk about is drugs, violence, hits on each other, innocent people who are going to be murdered. It was all just there to be seen, including 'we’ll have a speedboat meet you at this point', 'this is who will do this' and so on."

Kong was caught up in the arrest after police raided her home and allegedly found 154g of meth.

A regular on the body-building competition circuit, the Queenslander once boasted she won a competition just three days after lifesaving ­abdominal surgery.

She said: "“I had a tumour growing inside me and it ruptured. I was in so much pain and I had internal bleeding and lost over four litres of blood, so it was life-threatening. Even though it was the worst pain of my life, I never told my parents and I went through it alone because my mum has a weak heart and I didn’t want her to worry.”

In the UK, the National Crime Agency says it has carried out “multiple operations” as a result of the sting across groups involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.

But the agency is remaining tight-lipped over the details or the estimated number of ANOM users in Britain.

Calvin Shivers of the FBI said the scam had allowed police agencies to "turn the tables on criminal organisations".

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He said: "In one case we were actually able to see photographs of hundreds of tons of cocaine that were concealed in shipments of fruit."

The Europe-wide police body Europol described the operation as an "exceptional success" with 70 people arrested in Sweden, where 10 murder plots were broken up, and 49 arrests in the Netherlands.

Kong's court date has yet to be announced. The 33-year-old was charged with possession of drugs last week following a raid at a Kangaroo Point home, where police allegedly seized 154g of meth.

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