Soaring curry prices are predicted due to a spice shortage which could “kill off” Indian restaurants.

Experts have warned the crisis could be “the last nail in the coffin” for already ­beleaguered small, family-run businesses.

Shafiul Alom, of the British Bangladeshi Caterers Association, said: “The price of spice is ­increasing due to droughts, the Afghan war and poor harvests last year.

“To add to that there is a huge problem with shipping costs and packaging. It’s really the last nail in the coffin for a lot of businesses – they just won’t survive this.

“It’s the smaller, family run businesses that suffer the most.”

‘Indian’ restaurants, which are actually largely run by Bangladeshis, are already suffering due to staffing shortages stemming from Brexit and Covid.

Restaurant boss Sami Uddin added: “We’re about two to three months away from a real crisis here.

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“We either risk the customers’ wrath by putting the prices up or absorb it ourselves, which many can’t afford to do.”

Figures show the UK’s 12,000 curry houses are closing at a rate of two a week.

Droughts in India have hit supplies of essential curry spice cumin, and saffron is also running short.

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