Snow is predicted to sweep the country – including London – as experts suggest a major weather event will see temperatures plummet. A major sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event is set to take place which will bring in a searing polar vortex across the UK.

Temperatures are set to plummet as low as -11C due to the weather event.

According to British Weather Services’ Jim Dale, the cold snap likely won’t come until the beginning of March, while February is expected to end “above the median average” like the rest of the past 13 months.

However, the beginning of next month is set to change that. Mr Dale told the Mirror that he expected average temperatures to sit around 7C or 8C – with the Glens of Scotland seeing temperatures as low as -10C or -11C, and -4C or -5C in northern England and Wales.

He explained: “There’s no reason we won’t be seeing those kinds of temperatures if the profile I’m expecting does eventuate.

“Snow could well be involved, it certainly will be for Scotland and the chances are that will also be the case for a good part of the UK.”

The Met Office has confirmed that snow is likely even in the South East of England, including London.

A spokesperson for the weather agency told MyLondon: “There will just be a few snow flurries coming across parts of the South East. Some charts [covering] Monday and Tuesday are indicating that even in London [there will be] the odd wintery flurry, so the odd light snow shower is possible.

“There will be a few light showers and these could, because of the cold weather, be falling as sleet or snow.

“We can be pretty confident that there is going to be some cold weather on the way. Even at the moment it is colder than it was at the start of the week. And it’s probably going to be even colder as we go through this weekend.”

They added that the first half of March brings “the risk of some snow which could be hazardous”, as well as a “25 percent chance of severe cold weather coming to the UK.”

The question on many Britons’ minds is whether the cold snap will match that of the Beast from the East in February 2018 – but both Mr Dale and the Met Office were less sure of this.

The Met said: “The most likely outcome is that it won’t be anywhere near as severe as as the Beast from the East, but it’s not something we’re ruling out. It is a possibility but it’s one of many.”

Mr Dale said the “jury is still out” on the subject.

He said: “We’re at about a 70 per cent chance of seeing that kind of wintery weather manifest itself across the UK during the first week of March. For the south of England and Wales, there’s probably around a 50 per cent chance that something will materialise that will deepen that much and have an effect.

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“It’s still early days, but we’re starting to see the whites of the eyes.”

The predicted sudden drop in temperature is due to the SSW displacing the polar vortex – a large region of cold, rotating air that encircles Earth’s polar regions.

As the atmosphere above the poles warms up dramatically, the “vortex” of cold air spills out of the arctic region, and is forced elsewhere.

This is the same type of event that led to the Beast from East which froze the nation in 2018, causing 17 fatalities and bringing heavy snow, ice and strong winds.

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