Disturbing text messages have been sent from the mobile phone of Orión Hernández Radoux, the boyfriend of a girl paraded near-naked after being captured by Hamas in Israel.

Shani Louk, a 22-year-old German-Israeli tattoo artist, and Orión Hernández Radoux, her Mexican boyfriend, attended the overnight Supernova rave, where 260 people were killed, on Saturday.

In the hours after, militants carried an unconscious Ms Louk in the back of a pickup truck. She is thought to still be alive, according to family.

The series of Arabic messages from Radoux’s phone show it is likely in the hands of the invaders responsible for their kidnapping.

One text says “I spit on you”, while others say “god damn you”, with vows to “liberate Palestine” and make it “free of Zionists”.

Police evacuate crowd from Supernova festival before Hamas attack

It is unclear who the texts, which were obtained by the Sun, were sent to.

The attack on Saturday came as Hamas launched at least 2,000 rockets at Israel, while paratroopers landed at the festival.

At least 260 bodies have been recovered from the site of the Supernova rave.

A festivalgoer told Channel 12 that the massacre was “four-five hours of a horror movie…We ran like crazy, it was just crazy.”

Ricarda Lock, the tattoo artist’s mom, feared her daughter had died in the slaughter at the Israeli festival, but later learned she was in fact alive.

She told German TV this week: “We now have further information that Shani is alive, but has a severe head injury and is in critical condition.

“Every minute is critical. We ask — no, we demand that the German government act quickly.

“This is really my desperate call to the entire country of Germany to help me get my Shani back home healthy.”

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It was initially believed that Louk’s dead body was paraded semi-naked on the back of a pick-up truck by Hamas militants.

Her grandmother Nicole Louk has also said she is willing to go to Gaza to find the 22 year old.

Speaking to the French news channel La Chaine Info, she said: “If you need me… if I can go to her… I ask you to do everything possible. I want to be next to her.”

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