For more than a century, the YWCA Regina has supported women and their families in reaching their full potential.

The organization has served as a beacon of hope and local progress through first-wave feminism to the global #MeToo movement.

Today, it remains a steadfast safe space in the heart of downtown Regina, providing emergency shelter, affordable housing, childcare and self-improvement programs.

Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen took over as CEO of YWCA Regina in early 2015.

Over the last five years, Coomber-Bendtsen has chased a personal goal to amplify female voices, accomplishments and leadership in her community.

Whether providing new mentorship opportunities or speaking on behalf of women unable to speak up themselves, Coomber-Bendtsen is continuously motivated by the people she serves each day.

Now, the CEO has her sights set on building up the next generation of community leaders in a world she hopes won’t have to be as focused on the gender of its leaders.

Learn more about Coomber-Bendtsen and how she is Shaping Saskatchewan in the above video.

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