A sly jet-setting Brit who didn't want to wait in airport queues pretended to have a broken foot to skip the long lines.

Charlotte Rees, 32, was flying to Majorca from Manchester Airport with her fiancé Paul Brown when she pulled off the trick, wearing a protective boot to avoid waiting around with other passengers.

Once she had cleared the queues she then dumped the boot in the toilets.

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Charlotte said: "I just couldn’t stand the thought of having to stand in the queues. I was very surprised it worked.

"I did feel bad for the other people waiting. But if they thought smart they could have jumped the queue too.

"I just thought of many different ways I could have jumped the queue, choose the boot idea in the hope it pulled off and it did."

The cunning traveller posted a video about her adventure on TikTok, showing clips of her and her fiancé posing with the boot as well as videos of the pair sailing through the lengthy queues.

She captioned the TikTok, which has amassed more than 142,000 views: "How to get through airport security in five minutes from start to finish when there is a three-hour queue."

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The pair even got "priority assistance" thanks to the fake injury.

The couple were then filmed giving a thumbs up as they enjoyed a meal before their flight to Palma, unencumbered by the boot.

But viewers weren't so positive about the video.

One viewer said: "Damn right disgusting."

Another said: "Do you think it’s fair that people who are disabled have to live with a condition day in and day out?

"Whilst you just get to pick and choose when to abuse this facility when you have no genuine reason."

A third chimed in: "You may as well go all out and claim disability benefits!"

Others weren't so disparaging, however.

"Sneaky… but clever. I like it," one fan wrote, while another just said "Brilliant".

Passengers with disabilities are entitled to skip queues at airports and use fast track lanes, as well as access help to get through customs and baggage, although this costs extra.

Airport staff were adamant that this kind of behaviour was not acceptable.

A Manchester Airport spokesperson told The Sun: "We work hard with our assisted travel provider, ABM, to ensure air travel is accessible to all and that all passengers have a smooth journey through Manchester Airport.

"Anything that undermines our ability to provide the best possible experience to those with the need for assistance is totally unacceptable and cannot be condoned."

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