The 2020 Juno Awards are this weekend, and ahead of Sunday’s award show, events are bringing Saskatoon to life.

Quinn and Kim’s Flowers has been hard at work since the weekend. They have a big order — over 170 floral arrangements for the Junos.

They’ve been putting in up to 10-hour days to get everything done. But it’s all worth it down the line.

“It’s a nice thing to have on your resume,” said Quinn Brown, who owns the business with his wife.

Dale MacKay, the owner of Ayden Kitchen and Bar, will be catering the awards gala.

He has 1,200 mouths to feed at the gala, but he’s been getting more hungry customers leading up to the big night.

“The closer we get to the actual Junos … people are starting to come to the city so we see our reservations kind of ramping up and people booking larger parties,” he said.

The Juno Awards and events leading up over the week are expected to bring in between $8 and $9 million to the local economy, according to Tourism Saskatoon.

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