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    A teacher who was fired for making racy OnlyFans videos claims she now earns more money than her husband – simply by having sex with him on videos for the platform.

    Samantha Peer, who now goes by user name Khloe Karter, was a science teacher at Thunderbolt Middle School in Arizona, but lost her job after her side hustle was exposed by students after they found a video she had made in the classroom.

    The mum-of-two took to Instagram on Friday (March 3) to share a short clip of herself showcasing her body in nothing but a skimpy red bikini.

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    With Anne Marie and Aitch's 'Psycho' playing over the video, Peer made eye contact with the camera before twisting her body to show off her pert derriere.

    She added the wording "Making more $ $ than hubby just by having seggs with him" to clip, and captioned it "Neither one of us is complaining."

    One fan joked: "Employee of the month!"

    Another commented: "This outfit!!!"

    And a third simply said: "Delicious."

    Discussing her sacking last year, meanwhile, Peer said in a YouTube clip: "I pay the price every single day, of course I’m remorseful, I miss it a lot.

    "I have never asked for sympathy, I just want to move on with my life, this is not where I wanted to be and hurts every day.

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    She continued: "It’s not fair that my name and family have to be dragged across the nation, I have people calling and texting me threatening to come after me, to show up to my house, to go after my four-year-old and seven-year-old, it’s not fair to them.

    "Yes I am still advertising because it’s not safe for me to leave my house, I'm guessing it’s probably impossible for me to get a job within town."

    Samantha admitted that she loved her old job and is gutted that she can never do it again.

    She claimed she was a "passionate" and a "very good" teacher, adding: "I know this was a very big mistake, but I also am a person and I do make mistakes too, although this was a very big mistake this isn’t who I am and it doesn’t define who I will be in the future."


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