Three days after Vladimir Putin pledged to finish his war in Ukraine on Russia's 'Victory Day', fresh pictures have emerged of a graveyard of busted Russian tanks in yet another humiliation for the despot.

Since Putin embarked on his bloody, illegal and murderous invasion of Ukraine two months ago, Russian forces have suffered heavy losses of personnel and military equipment.

And now, new satellite images have shown a tomb of Russian armoured tanks lying destroyed near the River Donets in Ukraine.

Bombed out, blackened and in parts completely destroyed, it's thought that some 52 tanks make up the tomb and amazingly, it's believed they were all destroyed in the same battle.

It's thought that the doomed unit was trying to cross the river to fortify Russia's position near Bilohorivka, west of Lysychansk.

The photos also show a destroyed pontoon bridge that it's thought was targeted by Ukrainian defenders as a means to trap the armoured convoy in a crossfire.

The brave resistance was commended by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who has proclaimed that Putin's forces are being 'pushed away'.

He tweeted: "The occupiers are gradually being pushed away

"I am grateful to all our defenders who are holding the line and demonstrating truly superhuman strength to drive out the army of invaders."

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It comes after Russia's true plans for the future of Ukraine were laid bare after secret documents were found on the battlefield.

According to the documents found in the Ukrainian town of Trostyanets, Russian president Vladimir Putin did not start the invasion just to get his hands on the Donbas region.

The documents, which are now been investigated, actually show that Putin wanted to take over the entirety of Ukraine and make it part of Russia.

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation Chief Oleksiy Sukhachev said: “State Bureau of Investigation investigators have found important documents of the Russian military, which clearly show that Russia was preparing to seize the entire territory of Ukraine.

“All this information will be studied and attached to the case file.”

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