Russian students say they were "locked in a hall" and forced to "join the army" after they were detained by their teachers.

According to the Russian 'Mobilisation News' Telegram channel, "the cadets were assembled under the pretext of rehearsing a graduation ceremony.

"But representatives of the military enlistment office came to the meeting.

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"The students said that they were detained for an hour and a half in the college on Fabritiusa Street by their teachers."

The authority figures included the department head Vyacheslav Rozhko as well as teachers Sergey Vasilyev and Alexei Novikov and two representatives of the Tushino military enlistment office.

The military registration and enlistment office staff handed mobilisation orders to the students and subsequently pressured them to sign the documents.

However, an impasse ensued after the students refused to sign which led their instructors to refuse to let them go and lock them in a hall.

Mobilisation News The Telegram channel reported that one student called Maxim G, 19, "called the police asking for help.

"The boy said that he was a cadet in a police college and that he and his classmates had been locked in the auditorium to force him to go to the front," they reported.

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The situation soon came to an end after police arrived at the college to let the cadets go free.

With the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine tomorrow (February 24), the war is very much ongoing with US officials claiming China could supply weapons and ammunition to Russia for the war against Ukraine.

However, Beijing officials have denied the allegations, according to BBC, with China's foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin saying: "We do not accept the United States' finger-pointing on China-Russia relations, let alone coercion and pressure”.

While Russia continues to enlist youngsters in the war, China denied reports Moscow has requested military equipment.


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