Russia is on course to lose double the number of soldiers in Ukraine than were lost by the US in Vietnam – and in just one 10th of the time – according to an expert.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' latest estimates from this morning (Tuesday, December 6) put the total number of Russians killed at 92,200 since Vladimir Putin launched his "special military operation" in February.

That is alongside nearly 6,000 destroyed armoured personnel carriers, nearly 3,000 tanks, 281 planes and 264 helicopters.

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Given the nature of the conflict and Putin's refusal to admit the dire situation his troops find themselves in, casualty estimates vary and are hard to confirm.

In November, Army General Mark Milley of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff said about 100,000 Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded in Ukraine.

Mounting Russian losses led to Putin launching a partial mobilisation of some 300,000 reservists in September, with reports at the time suggesting as many as one million Russians could be drafted in.

Ronald Fricker, a professor of statistics at Virginia Tech, has compared the staggering losses to those suffered by US forces in Vietnam.

The Cold War-era conflict is blown out of the water by the current situation in Ukraine.

Fricker told Newsweek: "In terms of the number of deaths from a Russian perspective, one comparison is the effect the Vietnam War had on the United States.

"In that conflict, slightly more than 58,000 US service members died, most occurring over the timespan of about a decade. For those of us old enough to remember it, that war caused substantial societal impacts."

Fricker also suggested that the war in Ukraine could have a significant long-term impact within Russia.

He added: "It is also clear from news reports that this war is not popular with key segments of the Russian population.

"Combine that with a casualty rate roughly double Vietnam's that has occurred over about one tenth of the time, and I am of the opinion that we have yet to see the war's full impacts played out in Russian society."

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