Russian conscripts erupt at officials over scrapping of payment

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A group of Russian conscripts can be seen encircling the two military officials, shouting at them for answers. One soldier claimed that Russian members of parliament told men they would receive a one-off payment of 300,000 roubles 2 to 3 days after they enlisted. And the Russian military rep can be heard telling them the State Duma had taken off the agenda to pay 300,000. In September Russian dictator Vladimir Putin sent out a call for up to 300,000 men to join the battle in Ukraine.

One conscript said: “No one was chasing us! I came all the way from Moscow to my native town to be mobilised with my friends.

“Because ‘motherland’ and because the president made an appeal to everyone!

“I came to the enlistment office and the veonkom, the military commissar explained to me that as soon as we get there, within 2 to 3 days, we’ll get a one-off payment of 300,000 roubles!”

One of the officials however started shouting back: “This never happened, no it didn’t.”

But another military rep cut in: “It did, quiet! Regarding the 300,00 the deputies of the Communist party submitted a bill to the State Duma.

“It only passed on reading and was taken off the agenda, the 300,00!”

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A Russian conscript said: “Well, then they should give up their party membership card and go instead of us!”

The military rep added: “Guys, understand one thing, I didn’t promise you 300,000.”

A Russian troop said: “That’s obvious what you’re trying to tell us here, it’s that we’ve been simply f*cked over!

“Give us one person who can answer these questions, why did they send you, the poor person here?”

The military rep said: “I’m not poor.”

Another Russian serviceman added: “So let the representatives of regions come here and answer our questions!”

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Users on social media have been reacting to the video.

@Ian_Whitchurch said: “This is the bit I don’t get. Russia earned tens of billions more from increased gas and oil prices, back when they were exporting to Europe. It’s only cash. You can give it to the mobiks. No one cares. Naballina would co-sign. But they’d rather piss off the troops.”

@HWB77 commented: “I think that it is possible that if they drop down their weapons and surrender, Ukraine and the West will pay them 400,000 roubles, give them food, shoes, clothes and shelter. All the things that Russia cannot manage. Just a thought.”

@Nothyphenated wrote: “Something very strange with vatniks – they know they’ve been monumentally lied to, given substandard gear, no training, sent directly to front lines with no support and the dead are not being accounted for. Still, they go.”

@KKulvert said: “I would not hold my breath. Russians seems to have high tolerance for being humiliated by their leaders. The only ones to throw Putin from the throne is the Oligarchs because they have money. But they know they are dependent on Putin to exist. Vodka will be even more popular.”

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