The Russian Army is so badly equipped that troops are even facing a battle with soggy bog roll.

The revelation came from a Russian soldier who has survived months of war. His comments were reported by pro-war Russian blogger Fighting Cat Murz.

He said: "The toilet paper, having travelled half the way under pouring rain in trucks with leaky roofs, of course, has fully soaked."

One former Brit soldier, who fought in Afghanistan, said: "Wet bog roll may not seem a big deal but when you’re embedded in a combat zone the smallest things can take on the greatest importance."

The Russian soldier also blamed Vladimir Putin’s incompetent commanders for "destroying their own forces," adding: "The losses are huge, the difficulties are monstrous."

The US-based Institute for the Study of War said the transcript could not be verified but its description of poor Russian military leadership and inadequate equipment was consistent with other reports.

It added: “These conditions are likely a major contributing factor to Russian demoralisation and the growing refusal of servicemen to return to frontline units.”

The soggy bog roll comes as Russian forces are said to have lost another two members of their top brass during a Ukrainian ambush.

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Reports from the Daily Star indicate that Major-General Roman Kutuzov and Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov were both killed in the Donetsk region.

The pair are said to have been killed during an ambush, with the news bringing the death toll of Russian military top brass to 12 generals.

Russia has yet to officially declare an amount of soldiers lost in the war, with the last update marked on March 25 and no updates following.

Ukraine's ambush of the two generals leaves 12 top officials dead as well as 49 colonels killed during the war in Ukraine, dealing heavy blows to Putin's troops.

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