Darya Dugin: Russian TV host blames UK for murder

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Vladimir Putin’s propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov has suggested Britons’ weakness for cars and love for Mini Coopers is a clear sign that British spies helped plan the killing of Darya Dugina, daughter of a prominent Russian ultra-nationalist, in a car bombing near Moscow. The Kremlin’s security services have pinned the attack on Natalya Vovk, who is said to have fled Russia after the attack in a Mini Cooper. 

Kiselyov told Russia1: “So for the little Ukrainian Nazis, Dugin isn’t the main target. But for the West, a terror attack on Dugin in particular was supposed to creat the biggest splash.

“‘How on earth did they blow up Putin’s brain’?” 

“For the West it would have been major.

“I am saying that because the main interested parties are clearly not in Ukraine.”

 “The West’s well-honed signature is all over this murder: from the crime’s thorough planning and the organisation of the border crossing to the selection of the perpetrator. 

“Who would suspect a mother with her daughter? – to the scrupulous fabrication of document to go with the interchangeable number plates.

“And most likely, it wasn’t the Americans but the English.

“In the US, for eliminating a person in this manner they need a load of signatures from the very top, and afterwards they will also say directly that it was them, the Americans.”

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“It was like that in Afghanistan with the leader of Al-Queda, Bin-Laden. The assassination was sanctioned by President Obama’s signature.

“It was like that with the elimination of the Iranian general Soleimani, on the personal orders of President Trump.

“The British operate more quietly and without gathering signatures and they also love their cars. 

“For example, the Mini Cooper is a weakness of theirs.

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“And the next step in making it a beautiful, purely English murder would be to strangle Natalya Vovk somewhere and blame Russia.”

Russia’s FSB security service on Monday named another Ukrainian it said was part of a team that assassinated Darya Dugina, the daughter of a prominent Russian ultra-nationalist who believes Ukraine should be absorbed into a new Russian empire.

Dugina, who like her father Alexander Dugin was a vocal supporter of what Russia calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine, was killed in a car bombing outside Moscow on August 20 in what Russian President Vladimir Putin called a “vile, cruel crime.”

Two days after the 29-year-old’s murder, the FSB, Russia’s main domestic intelligence agency, said it had solved the case, naming Vovk who they said had trailed Dugina for weeks, rented an apartment in her housing complex and planted the car bomb before fleeing Russia to Estonia – all with Kyiv’s backing.

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