A journalist has had the fright of her life when she live-streamed her haunted house experience on television – and it quickly descended into chaos.

Lena Pringle, from News4Jax in Florida, was showing a walk-through at the popular Halloween game, 13th Floor Haunted House, but her first-hand experience has left the viewers in stitches.

In the video, Lena is seen walking in a corridor without knowing a "creepy stalker" tailing her back.

She speaks to her colleague through the headset: "As long as there is nobody…"

Lena feels something touching her head and she quickly ducks and gets back up, saying: "Okay. Okay."

While the blood-splattered man keeps a distance from her, Lena's colleagues decide to help her out.

They say: "There's someone behind you, just keep moving forward. Don't look back. I think he might back up."

Lena takes a few deep breaths and continues: "Well, if you do decide to come out…"

At this point, a scary-looking clown pops out from a hut and runs to a fence, poking his head out.

Lena freaks out and looses her footing, rolling onto the floor before she gets herself back up, shaking her head: "Okay, I, I, I gotta go. I can't do this anymore."

The 13th Floor Haunted House was named Jacksonville's best haunted house in 2019.

Lena later said: "When I originally agreed to it, I thought it was going to be fun. Now I'm a bit terrified.

"The whole process takes about 25 minutes. I'm only going into one section of it, which is the doll-maker.

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"I've never gone to a haunted house by myself."

Viewers felt for Lena after watching the Morning Show.

One wrote: "Poor Lena when she fell!"

"She is under-utilised talent. I wish she would be promoted to a full-time on air desk job," a second said.

A third added: "If you haven't watched this yet…run and watch it! Lena was the best!! I was praying for her!"

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