A former butcher who spent a decade committing sexual and physical violence against women, children and animals has been jailed for just 12 years.

Malcom Leask, 35, was handed 19 charges, all of which he denied, and was convicted on all counts by a Scottish jury in late April.

The former butcher, who used to live in Stromness, Scotland, was found guilty of six assault offences, six of rape, one of attempted murder, two of threatening or abusive behaviour, breach of the peace and three of animal cruelty.

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Judge Lord Scott of the High Court in Edinburgh told the “unrepentant” rapist during sentencing, which took place on Wednesday (May 24) that his actions “taken together… reflect a serious, violent and abusive course of conduct."

The crimes committed by the convicted rapist took place at addresses in Orkney and Clackmannanshire over a 10 year period ending in 2019.

The Alloa Advertiserpreviously reportedthat the defence used by the sick rapist, who has dramatically slimmed down in recent years, was that he was too fat to have committed any of the crimes he was ultimately convicted of.

The sick butcher was nicknamed “Beefy” because he used to weigh 31 stone (196 kg), and was known to use his massive weight to pin down one of his rape victims.

One woman, unnamed, who lived with Leask for 7 years from the age of 19, told the court that he had repeatedly raped her while they were together.

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She said that he would often abuse her in her sleep, pin her down by her throat, punch her in the stomach and regularly lock her out of their house.

The woman added that he went as far as to try and murder her by holding her head under water in a bath until she passed out, pushed her over on the stairs while she was holding a young child, and kneed her in her stomach while she was pregnant causing "searing pain".

The sick rapist also tortured the family Labrador for five years, punching and kicking the animal on its head and body, deliberately blowing smoke in its face, and choking it.

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Another unnamed woman, now a 33-year-old mum-of-two, said that as well as raping her several times, he would regularly attack and injured her eight-year-old son, once grabbing him by the neck and "throwing" him out of the kitchen.

Leask will be supervised for a further eight years following his release from prison.

Detective Inspector Gordon Patullo said: "Malcolm Leask’s behaviour was appalling, he inflicted pain and misery upon his victims but he will now face the consequences of his actions.

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