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A 32,000mph meteor was spotted whizzing through the sky over North Carolina.

The fireball was picked up flying at an extraordinary high speed on a doorbell camera.

The footage, released by the American Meteor Society, shows the fireball lighting up the sky.

NASA Meteor Watch says it was witnessed by more than 160 people.

NASA wrote on Facebook: "An analysis of these accounts shows that the meteor skimmed the coast of North Carolina, becoming visible 48 miles above the ocean off Camp Lejeune, moving northeast at 32,000 miles per hour.

"It disintegrated 28 miles above Morehead City, after travelling 26 miles through Earth's upper atmosphere."

Reports of seeing the fireball came from Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, causing no injuries or damages.

The video taken on the doorbell camera has now accrued more than 125,000 views since it was released on September 25.

A colour video, taken from a driver's dashcam, showed the same fireball from a different angle.

Several people in the comments below NASA's Facebook post reported seeing it.

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One stargazer said: "I live 45 minutes northwest of RDU Airport, and wondered if a plane was exploding!

"It was just a bit over the treeline and moved in a northerly direction, and burned out before reaching the treeline."

Another wrote: "We saw this one streak across the sky from the beach on Pawleys Island, SC (South Carolina) Friday evening.

"It was amazing. We saw it break up as well. We were sure it was going to hit the water."

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