A stunning OnlyFans star has spoken out after she found a secret camera hidden in a present from a fan.

Kine-chan, who recently made headlines for selling candles scented like her vagina, received a teddy shaped like a unicorn from an anonymous follower on Saturday (May 20) but noticed the toy's head seemed abnormally heavy.

As it got dark the Brazilian star noticed the stuffed animal's eye had a strange "reflection", prompting her to open it up and discover the camera, according to local media outlet UOL.

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"The camera was inside the bear, right in the eye that I felt had a weird reflection. I believe that was what left his head hanging more to one side, because [it] is not light," the model said in a video posted to TikTok, which had amassed 2.9million views at the time of writing.

“Inside it there was a memory card, which I took out, but I don’t have any device that accepts a memory card so I can see how far it recorded.”

Kine-chan said the camera had run out of battery by the time she found it. However, she couldn't tell whether it had Bluetooth so the follower could potentially watch the footage.

She also said she feared the camera could have a tracker attached to it.

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“I don’t know how long it recorded, what it recorded, where it went, I don’t know anything,” she continued.

“I’m wondering whether or not I’m going to file a police report, because I haven’t yet.”

The social media star, who boasts more than 540,000 Instagram followers, added that although the incident has left her shaken, she's heard of other influencers like her receiving much more dangerous gifts in the post – including some that had been laced with poison.

"Be careful with teddy bears. Don’t open the boxes, mine was a camera, but I’ve seen cases of people who [received] poison. So don’t open he boxes close to the face. And pay attention to the places you leave your mailbox exposed," she warned.

“I don’t know if it was a joke. If it was, it was a joke in very bad taste.”

Kine-chan revealed on Instagram the next day (Sunday, May 21) she spoke to a technician who assured her the camera had likely died at the post office before she collected her teddy bear and was unlikely to have recorded anything private.

“Several people on the internet also told me that the camera model needs to be connected to my WiFi to work, and that it probably lost its battery in the post office. So it must not have recorded anything," she said.

"I believe it was more of a prank in bad taste, trying to scare me or something, and not actually trying to spy on me."

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