King Charles III's ascension to the throne will have please his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II according to one expert who believes the late Queen would be "very proud".

Her pride however may be undercut by the "issues about temper" that King Charles faces, with one expert citing the early moments during the reign of the new King.

Pengate, as well as some rather curt moments for the former Prince of Wales marked a rocky first few days, but despite that it's thought the Queen would have been broadly satisfied with her son's ascension.

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King Charles took over from the longest-reigning monarch following her death at the age of 96 in September.

Speaking of her pride for King Charles III though, expert Eric Schiffer claimed that the Queen would be very proud indeed of her son.

Schiffer, speaking to Daily Star, said: "Despite the issues about temper and his pen and other things, he has far exceeded expectations and done it with tremendous overall grace, in a way that I'm sure the Queen would be very proud.

"He's also begun to grow his popularity here in America. As a steward who was one of the earliest visionaries on behalf of the environment and took action before it was cool.

"He is someone taking over and has big shoes to fill, but he has the experience, wisdom and grace to be able to do it with a level that befits him as the greatest monarch in history."

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Should King Charles continue on that trajectory, he could cement himself as the "greatest monarch in history", according to Schiffer.

The expert added that the newly ascended King certainly has the requirements needed of a monarch.

It comes as one insider claimed the new King of England was quite fond of Meghan Markle but is now "bewildered" by her.

Daily Star reported the details that came from the supposed incredulity, with King Charles III not quite as impressed as he once was by the Duchess of Sussex.

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