The Queen shared a poignant moment during her first "light duties" since she recovered from a recent back sprain.

The 95-year-old monarch missed the UK's Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph War Memorial on November 12 following advices from the doctors.

After roughly a month of rest, she resumed her official engagements on Wednesday as she held an in-person meeting with General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the Defence Staff, at the Oak Room inside Windsor Castle.

During their meeting, the Queen mentions that it is "rather sad" to hear Sir Carter was stepping down from the post, which he told Her Majesty he had held for eight years.

"In fact, the only person who has done it longer I'm told is Lord Mountbatten, so I am quite surprised by all that," he tells the Queen, who brings her arms forward and touching her wedding ring.

"Oh really?" she reacts. "Oh. I suppose you get into that job, you know, it is easier to continue, isn’t it really?"

Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma was the Queen's late husband, Prince Philip's maternal uncle.

He was assassinated in August 1979 when a bomb panted on his yacht exploded with him on board.

But royal fans believed the Queen caught the attention of the last name because the late Duke of Edinburgh was commonly known as Philip Mountbatten.

Some viewers noticed the Queen's subtle hand gestures and quickly commented on Twitter.

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One said: "She touches her wedding ring as she heard that last name."

"He mentioned Mountbatten and she instinctively went for her wedding ring," a second added.

But others shared their concerns when they saw Her Majesty's "purple hand".

"Lovely to see but her hands look awful… first I thought she was wearing gloves," a viewer wrote.

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