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The Queen and Prince Philip believed in Bigfoot and met a man who claimed to have been kidnapped by a family of Yetis.

The astonishing revelation came from actor Brian Blessed, 85, who worked with the late monarch’s husband on his Duke Of Edinburgh Award scheme and with whom he discussed a shared belief in the Sasquatch.

Brian – who starred in the Queen’s favourite film Flash Gordon – said the late royal couple met trapper Albert Ostman on a trip to Vancouver, Canada.

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He told them he was captured by a family of the mythical ape-men on a fishing trip to Venezuela.

The boom-voiced Brit said the Queen, who died three weeks ago aged 96, "had wanted to meet" Albert and believed his account implicitly.

Brian, whose famous movie line "Gordon’s alive" turned him into a global superstar, said: "The Queen and Prince Philip spent an afternoon with Albert and he told this story.

"It’s the most brilliant account of Sasquatch I’ve ever heard.

"Just outside Venezuela he wanted to go on a holiday and go fishing. He was an experienced traveller and explorer in his tent, had a rifle. He wasn’t looking for any Bigfoots. He was fishing.

"He describes being kidnapped. He describes four of them, being taken away, it’s so real. Scientists examined him.

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"They couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He didn’t like to repeat this story.

"But he told the Queen the whole story and she believed him implicitly."

Brian said the Duke – who died last year aged 99 – shared his belief that Yetis live all over the world.

"Oh yes, he said it’s true. It does exist. I told them that they’re everywhere," the actor said.

The actor, who performs the parts of The Master of Ceremonies and The Caveman on upcoming album Tubular Bells – A 50th Anniversary Celebration, said he saw nine Yetis on an expedition in Mongolia.

"There are all these creatures alive on the Earth – Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot," he said.

"In Mongolia they walked thousands of miles. They were seen migrating – hairy men.

"I climbed several of the mountains and there they were. Seven, eight, nine of them all covered in fur. I saw them at a distance."

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