One of Vladimir Putin's propagandists has threatened the UK and other Western nations by calling for Russia to "help" the Taliban, Iran and North Korea.

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the state-run Russian news outlet RT, recently appeared on a panel show discussing how the West was sending arms to Ukraine.

Several clips from the show were shared by the Russia Media Monitor YouTube channel over the weekend.

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It came after Germany agreed to supply the Ukrainian Army with Leopard 2 tanks, which are among the most advanced military vehicles on the planet.

Simonyan, clearly angered by continued Western support for Ukraine, suggested Putin seek revenge by providing similar support to Western enemies.

She said: "They [the West] are arming our enemies, right?

"Ukrainians are not our enemies, but they are also a nation occupied by fascists.

"Only temporarily, we are already working on that.

"The government of modern Ukraine is our enemy.

"They [the West] are arming our enemies – don't they have enemies?

"How is the Taliban doing? Do they need anything?

"How about Iran, can we help them out with something? What can we give them?

"Can we help North Korea with something?"

However, the Kremlin may find it difficult to do as Simonyan asks given they have been receiving, rather than giving, weapons from Iran since last year.

Estonia's Intelligence Chief Margo Grosberg said last week that, based on Russia's current capability for producing missiles, it could run out of them in three months – meaning Putin doesn't have much to give away anyway.

Simonyan went on to threaten there could be more far-reaching consequences to the West's continued support for Ukraine.

She added: "Maybe what we're saying is that all of these deliveries [of weapons to Ukraine] will lead to a huge, huge catastrophe.

"No one knows what will be left of America as a nation, as a result of this catastrophe.

"You ought to listen to us and not do these things."

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