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  • Evil Vladimir Putin is more likely to unleash hellish nerve agent Novichok against civilian victims in Ukraine than he is against troops as it is an effective “terror weapon” to petrify the masses, an expert has warned.

    The Russian President is growing increasingly desperate with his flailing eastern European invasion and US intelligence services have reportedly started preparations in case invading forces unleash the same terrifying compound that was used in the infamous Salisbury attack.

    But poisonexpert Dr Neil Bradburysays it is unlikely that Russian forces will use Novichock against Ukrainian soldiers because they will likely be protected – instead, it’s the civilian population that is most vulnerable.

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    He told the Daily Star: “Whilst it is very lethal and kills quickly and easily, in terms of battle use and against troops it probably isn’t that effective.

    “Certainly for troops that wear chemical warfare suits, they’re going to be protected. There’s also a very good antidote that troops generally carry.

    “Unfortunately, nerve agents tend to have their use targeting civilian populations. It’s more used as a terror weapon to frighten, rather than an agent directly against troops.”

    Horror compound Novichok is most famous for its use in Salisbury after Russian agents harnessed it in their attempted assassination of double agent Sergei Skripal in 2018.

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    Although it has only been used to target specific individuals in the past, American intelligence sources fear an increasingly bloodthirsty Kremlin could unleash it en masse.

    Dr Bradbury, who has degrees in Biochemistry and Medical Biochemistry and penned the book A Taste for Poison: Eleven Deadly Substances and the Killers Who Used Them, said the poison subjects its victims to a horrible death.

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    He explained: “When people are exposed to this they have frothing mouths because they make lots of saliva and all the secretions in the airways get turned up.

    “People start drowning in their own fluids and the heart rate goes completely out of whack because of the interference with the neural regulation. It’s a really nasty chemical.

    “It is very scary. Technically Russia is a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, but to what extent that has (an impact) I don’t know.”

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