A woman was left fuming after she contracted a serious illness on holiday that caused her to "bleed from both orifices" and think she was going to die.

Nicky Alan, 52, may be a psychic by trade, but even she couldn't predict the hell that would ensue when she and her partner Darren booked a trip through TUI to the Hotel Riu Palace Santa Maria in Cape Verde to celebrate him beating cancer.

The former policewoman took to TikTok to share her experience and said that despite the devastation the "holiday from hell" has caused them, she is struggling to get a satisfactory response from the hotel or TUI, EssexLive reports.

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The couple arrived at the hotel on May 10 and headed straight for the buffet.

While eating some barbecue pork, Nicky noticed it was "really chewy" and "raw inside".

Hours later she claims she started "violently projectile vomiting".

Nicky continued to feel unwell the next day but encouraged Darren to go out on a diving trip the pair had planned while she stayed at home, but she began to vomit so much that it "got stuck in her throat" and she started choking.

She phoned hotel reception but claimed that as the staff's English wasn't good enough to understand what was happening and nobody came to her room.

When Darren got back to the room he also fell ill. With both incapacitated by their illness, they couldn't go down to reception to sound the alarm – even when their symptoms worsened.

"Blood started to come out of both orifices and that really scared me," Nicky said.

"At one point Darren was delirious and he was just mumbling and talking rubbish and I thought we're gonna die here. We're gonna die.

"We ran out of water and toilet roll. You could imagine how dirty and filthy it was. We had nothing to mop up what was happening in the beds and toilet.

"And for a week, seven days, we were left in the room with no help whatsoever."

Nicky said the couple were phoning the hospital "10-15 times a day" before gathering the strength to get to the lobby by "crawling, walking, shuffling". They then took a taxi to Clinitur Santa Maria, the nearest medical facility.

She claimed that nurses there put drips into both of them "without asking about allergies or medical history" and that her IV blew in her veins, causing her to suffer a swollen hand for the rest of the trip.

When Nicky got back to Hotel Riu Palace and "lost it", she claimed the hotel offered her a bottle of free champagne and a free meal at one of its best restaurants.

The couple were eventually moved to a new room where they spent the remainder of the trip recovering.

When Nicky returned to the UK she went to hospital and was treated with strong antibiotics to get rid of parasites from the raw pork and suffered a distended bowel.

She believes that her illness weakened her immune system and when she later came down with Covid she was bedridden for two months.

Nicky says she has been trying to get the trip refunded through TUI but has only been offered half the cost of the holiday by way of compensation.

A spokesperson for Tui said: "We’re concerned to hear about Ms Alan’s experience as we take these matters very seriously.

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"We’re in contact with Ms Alan about her claims and would like to reassure customers that we regularly audit all of our properties in regards to health and safety.

"Superior cleaning measures on top of already stringent protocols have been implemented at the hotel to ensure that health and hygiene levels are maintained."

The Daily Star has contacted the Hotel Rui Palace and the Clinitur Santa Maria for comment.


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