A psychic's grim warning led Rebecca Wilkinson to fly to Turkey for an operation to help her lose weight.

The fortune-teller told the 28-stone mum he saw no future for her and urged: “Do what it takes… or you will die.”

Now, after shedding more than 16stone thanks to a gastric sleeve, Rebecca is happy and healthy and re-training as a plasterer.

She said: “The weight has fallen off me – it’s been amazing. It’s changed my life.”

Rebecca, 30, started piling on the pounds during her teens.

But her weight rocketed after she got pregnant with her daughter Libby at 18 and she put on nearly 10st in just under two years.

She would often scoff two takeaways a day followed by snacks of chocolate and crisps – washed down with Lucozade.

Rebecca said: “I was desperate after years of trying and failing to lose weight.

“During a visit to my psychic, he scared me into action.

“He said he saw ‘no life’ for me on the cards.

“He also said, ‘Do what it takes – go to the extreme or you will die.’

“I knew I had to take drastic actions and surgery was the only way.”

The bombshell prompted her to book a flight to Antalya, Turkey, for a
private gastric sleeve operation in September 2020.

A year after the surgery, which involved removing part of her stomach, she had lost 16st 7lb – slimming to 12st 5lb.

Rebecca, from Ilkeston, Derbys, was bullied during her teens and turned to food for comfort.

She said: “I went to an all-girls school and I was bullied really badly.

“They nicknamed me ‘Rebecca double-decker’ because I was bigger than the other girls.

“I ate to feel better.”

She hoped for another baby with her partner of 16 years, Matt, 34, but struggled to conceive due to her weight.

But surgery has given her a new lease of life.

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Rebecca said: “I’m an apprentice plasterer.

"I enjoy super-long walks, going out and socialising, which I never imagined possible.

“Hopefully the weight loss will also help with my fertility and having another baby.”

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