Princess Eugenie will not be allowed to be called "duchess" despite her marriage because the new royal titles only apply to the men in the family.

When Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank in 2018, many had expected the announcement that the couple would become duke and duchess but a strange ruling does not allow females to be given the honour.

Unlike Prince Harry and Prince William, who became the Duke of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge respectively, Eugenie will always be known as just a princess.

Speaking to the Express, constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne explained it all comes from a historic custom.

He said: "Historically, a princess was married off to a foreign royal house to be used as a political pawn, normally as a means to cement foreign alliances or to further the national interest.

"These were arranged marriages of convenience, and were rarely love matches."

However, these marriages ended after World War One with no female royal marring a foreign royal since.

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Instead, when Eugenie and her older sister Princess Beatrice married, they did not get new peerages.

They took on their husband’s surnames, meaning Eugenie became 'Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie, Mrs Jack Brooksbank' and Beatrice became 'Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, Mrs Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi'.

The only other unusual title is when Prince Edward married and asked to become an ‘Earl’ due to the Earl of Wessex title being used in 'Shakespeare in Love'.

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His wife Sophie was then made the Countess of Wessex as a result.

Eugenie and her husband Jack celebrated the birth of their first child, August, in February and held a joint Christening with Cara and Mike Tindall’s son Lucas.

The Queen was also in attendance for the joint christening as she continues to recover from her back problem, which caused her to miss the Remembrance Sunday service.

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