Princess Diana tried to prepare Prince Harry for his future royal role and wasn't concerned about him being the spare to the heir, her former voice coach has claimed.

Stewart Pearce, 68, got close to Diana in the years before her death, and helped her master public speaking, her poise, and expression from 1995 until the tragedy in Paris on August 31, 1997.

During this time, Diana was busy preparing her sons for their different “destinies”.

Asked if she was worried about Harry’s future as the so-called “spare”, Mr Pearce told the Daily Star: “No. Did she prepare him? Yes. And the heir/spare is a joke within the household.

“It’s just that on the outside we see it as being ‘oh my God, poor guy, he must feel awful.

“No, she just prepared them for these two different destinies.”

Despite the huge responsibilities awaiting them, Diana shied away from “chastising” her children.

Mr Pearce, who discusses their relationship in new book Diana: The Voice of Change, said she typically offered “a mother’s advice”.

He went on: “[It] is always about the choices that are made, that the children made, that the boys made.

“[They] were either endorsed or they were judiciously advised.

“So in other words, she engendered two young men into being immensely independent and free-thinking, who could always make sense and feel substantiated in their choice unless it was an unworthy choice.

“And then, she would say ‘is that the highest choice?’ She would never chastise.”

Mr Pearce is also dismissive of the supposed rift that has reportedly pushed the brothers apart.

Harry has twice said that he and Prince William are on “different paths”.

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Mr Pearce added: “They’re not saying ‘therefore we are in animosity’.

“It’s just that the withdrawal mechanism, so to speak, that Harry and Meghan used had to be severe because of what they had been witness to.

He earlier claimed the couples are now “very close”.

Mr Pearce toldUS Weekly: “I know that the four are talking with one another and they’re talking by Zoom [and by] FaceTime.

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“They’re very close with one another.”

Harry and William were reunited for an unveiling of a statue in tribute to their late mum in July.

They were pictured chatting and smiling, and interacted with members of the Spencer family.

Harry may return in September for another Diana memorial event,The Sunreported.

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