Prince Harry's tell-all memoir could force King Charles III into removing his son's Royal title, a prominent if fiery critic has suggested.

Called Spare, the book is set to be released on January 10.

Publishers Penguin Random House have said that the booked penned by The Duke of Sussex will be filled with "raw, unflinching honesty" and will be 416 pages long.

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Translated into 16 languages, it has been rumoured it will feature details of the bad blood between he and brother Prince William, as well as explosive comments on leaving the Royal Family a few years ago.

And, just a few hours after it flew to number one on Amazon UK's overall book chart, one of his long-time critics has warned of the dangers the book could cause.

Despite fleeing the UK with wife Meghan Markle a few years ago and ditching their lives as working Royals, Daniela Elser has claimed that the book could force King Charles to strip Prince Harry of the title of the Duke of Sussex.

Writing for, she said: “If Harry goes scorched earth with Spare, could he leave his father with no choice?

“If the book is a page turner of a flensing of the royal family, can Charles credibly be seen to do nothing to protect the throne?

“If that is the case, we could see him act on the title front.

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“As sovereign, his job is to protect the monarchy at all costs, even if the threat is coming from his own family.

“Think of this possibility as less of a case of punitive retaliation and more of Charles’ hand being forced to try and protect the House of Windsor from the ‘truth-telling’ duo.”

In order to remove the title of the Duke of Sussex, King Charles would need an act of Parliament, so it is highly unlikely that the Prince would have it removed – regardless of what tales the book contains.

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