A woman was mortified when her dog started vomiting loudly during a crucial Zoom call with 30,000 people watching.

In the clip, PhD student Ellie Hurer is trying to talk about her work as a scientist and inventor while the retching noises get louder and louder.

Obviously embarrassed, she winces as she says: "We need to change the world and show that, erm, it's sort of, what we should be doing in our life."

Her dog's gross hurling is obviously putting her off as she tries to keep track of what she is saying and edges closer to the camera as if to shield it from the noise with her body.

Ellie shared the awkward video on her TikTok account and it was watched more than 643,000 times.

In the on-screen captions, she wrote: "My dog threw up in the background of me talking to a live audience of 30k people.

"World-class successful inventors / Nobel laureates were watching me."

Typically, the pooch had been on his best behaviour right until the moment it was Ellie's time to speak.

"I was literally sitting in this award ceremony for hours before I had my interview in it and he didn't make any noise," she explained.

"Literally as I went live he started. You couldn't write it."

People thought the moment was hilarious and thousands of people commented on the video.

One viewer said: "Tears running down my face, this is the best and so real."

A second wrote: "That noise. I would have just cracked up laughing.

"Well done you for keeping going."

"The way you got closer to the mic to try to block the sound out too," noted someone else.

Ellie reassured viewers that her dog was fine and she's taken him to the vet just to be sure.

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