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A homeowner had an amazing escape after a plane landed on the roof of a home in California – in a street called Miracle Drive.

The single-engine Cessna 172 crashed into the occupied property yesterday afternoon, with the pilot being rushed to hospital after being rescued by firefighters.

Remarkably, no one in the building was injured in the plane crash, reports the New York Post.

Pictures from the scene showed some of the aircraft resting on the roof of the building and some of the wreckage hanging over the side.

The pilot was the only person onboard the plane when it landed on the property in Auburn, which is a small city about 35 miles away from Sacramento, at 3pm, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Reportedly, the Cessna took out some power lines and crashed through some trees before ending up on the house.

It wasn’t clear what the condition of the pilot was.

, the sheriff’s office said: "Around 3pm, PCSO received a call of suspicious circumstances on the 3000 block of Miracle Drive, in Auburn. Deputies arrived and found a plane had crashed on top of a home.@CALFIRENEUrendered medical aid to the sole pilot before they were transported to a nearby hospital."

According to CBS13, nearby resident Norm Tucker said: "We just lost power and then immediately there was a large boom and [we] thought a transformer that blew up or somebody hit a pole. That’s kind of the common thing.

"There’s plenty of planes that come this way, back and forth all the time just because of the proximity of the airport."

Neighbour Joni Heinrich added: "We are in the flight path, so my husband’s always had nightmares about it."

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Angela Musallam said: "They are so fortunate in this case that the plane did not crash through the home and injure them. We’re saying they are very lucky."

The National Transportation Safety Board – the US’s air accident investigation branch – will investigate the crash.

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