An OnlyFans model lost almost all of her followers and is earning thousands of pounds less a year after twisted hackers gained access to her account and started sharing videos of ISIS terrorists, she has said.

OnlyFans is a website that allows content creators to earn money by sharing images, videos, and live streams with fans who pay to subscribe to their content.

Tina Bean, 22, says she was making £1,450 ($2,000) a month after starting her site.

She came up with the idea to join OnlyFans while she was sleeping rough in her car in the hope of earning enough money to move into a flat.

She had been told of friends making "a hell of a lot of money" on Only fans, "So, I was like, I might as well just jump on it," she says.

Her page was very quickly a huge success as Tinam, from Phoenix, Arizona, US, started raking in the money and was soon able to to rent an apartment.

But things soon took a horrifying turn for the worse after a hacker seized control of her account and blackmailing her for $150 to give her back control of it.

The intruder then uploaded streams of ISIS terror videos, showing people being held hostage in warehouses, or running in fear, before being shot in the head, BBC reports.

Tina said: "They seemed terrifying. I kept deleting them and changing my password but kept getting locked out of my account."

Tina then had 40 of her fans spammed from the account, calling them the N-word.

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She says the events have led to her losing almost all of her subscribers – and now she only brings in just £72 a week.

After raising the incident with OnlyFans, Tina says she temporarily disabled her account.

The hacker also stole all of her photos and uploaded them to a porn site.

The BBC reports that the site confirmed Tina did not have two-factor authentication, making it vulnerable.

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The company said Tina did not report the racial slur and it was not detected by the site's moderation system because it was pluralised.

It added that this system has now been upgraded and "in light of this particular incident", protocols have been updated to ensure that any hacked account's content is fully reviewed before access is restored.

In April this year there were reports that hundreds of OnlyFans content creators had their content leaked on a shared Google Drive after it was posted to a hacking forum.

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Dates on the drive also suggest the majority of the content was uploaded in October 2020.

The online file containing the private videos and images from hundreds of accounts, from celebrities pages to sex workers, was shared last month.

But the head of marketing at OnlyFans denied the site has been hacked.

Steve Pym told Motherboard: "We have investigated claims of a site-wide hack and found no evidence of any breach of our systems.

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"The content contained in the supposed 'leak' seems to be curated from multiple sources, including other social media applications."

Celebrities such as former EastEnders babe Danniella Westbrook, Lauren Harries and Love Island's Katie Salmon are among the stars who sell racy snaps and videos on OnlyFans.

Rapper Bhad Bhabie recently joined the site and claims to have earned a record-breaking $1million in just six hours, as she posted her subscription earnings on Instagram.

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