A cosy one-bedroom home, just one fifth the size of a tennis court, is on the market for £109,000 but the property can easily be missed from the street because it is tucked away between two larger homes.

The hidden dwelling, the size of three parking spaces, could be one of the smallest homes in the UK and is appropriately named 'Backabit Cottage', in Highbridge, Somerset.

Pictures show the bite sized property wedged in between two houses that drown it out almost completely, but the seller thinks the whole package offers "real charm."

Its listing states the one-bedroom, one-bathroom property possesses a "narrow but useful frontage," allowing open-ended opportunities for various practical activities.

Despite the misleading exterior, the whole house is reasonably spacious, with a double bedroom, ample floor space in the living room and kitchen, and a bath and shower combination feature in the bathroom.

The property's wood-burning stove and reception porch are certainly a stand-out features, the latter furnished with colourful pastel walls, psychedelic style windows, and wooden shelves.

Backabit Cottage is also conveniently located, with Highbridge train station just a 10-minute walk away, and an easy route to the M5, so nearby Bristol can be reached in 45 minutes by car or train.

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Auctioneer Scott Gray, well known for his regular appearances on BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer, said: “This cottage offers real charm due to its unusual situation being tucked away behind the main terrace of properties."

He added: "The deceptively spacious accommodation gives the cottage a real ‘Tardis-like’ feeling."

The property is up for auction with 247 Property Auctions.

Another tiny abode, which went up for sale late last year, sits on the Grimston Park Estate in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, which has been a haunt for the British monarchy since the 1800s.

It is described as being "steeped in history" and is a Grade II listed Georgian gate house.

If you think it could be your dream home, some clever storage solutions may be needed as the miniscule property measures just 10ft 5ins by 8ft 6ins above ground and is just 408sq ft.

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The home comes complete with underground living quarters and spiral staircase, and is one of two gatehouses that can be found at the entrance of the Georgian country house in the park.

The mezzanine area is finished with olive green wooden planks and vintage-style wall lights.

Down the stairs is the 13ft long basement, complete with tiny living area, kitchen and bathroom kitted out with character furniture.

The 241 sq ft basement includes yellow walls, a sunroof and tiled flooring.

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