North Korea has issued a grim warning that they are prepared to counter the United States military moves with the “most overwhelming nuclear force”, sparking World War 3 fears.

It comes after Kim Jong-un's officials felt the US military crossed an “extreme red line” by exercising with the country’s rivals, South Korea.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said yesterday (February 1) the United States would increase its deployment of advanced military assets to the Korean Peninsula, including fighter jets and aircraft carriers, as it strengthens joint training and operational planning with South Korea, as reported by AP.

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Responding to the comments, an unidentified spokesperson for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said the expansion of the allies’ drills is threatening to turn the Korean Peninsula into a “huge war arsenal and a more critical war zone.”

They continued that North Korea is prepared to counter any short or long-term military challenges with the “most overwhelming nuclear force”.

The statement reads: “The military and political situation on the Korean Peninsula and in the region has reached an extreme red line due to the reckless military confrontational manoeuvres and hostile acts of the U.S. and its vassal forces.

“DPRK will take the toughest reaction to any military attempt of the U.S. on the principle of ‘nuke for nuke and an all-out confrontation for an all-out confrontation!’” the North Korean spokesperson said, invoking the country’s formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“If the U.S. continues to introduce strategic assets into the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding area, the DPRK will make clearer its deterring activities without fail according to their nature”.

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The joint military exercises between the US and South Korea have previously been called ‘rehearsals for potential invasion’ by North Korea.

But allies of the combined forces described the drills as defensive.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the United States flew B-1B bombers and F-22 and F-35 fighter jets in an exercise with South Korean fighters.

The combined forces are also understood to be planning simulations to better their drills if nuclear weapons were used.

Austin said the United States is “very serious” about its commitment to defending South Korea and will continue to work alongside its allies and “train and ensure that we maintain credible and ready forces.”

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While Ahn Eunju, a spokesperson of South Korea’s Foreign Ministry, said they are committed to the protection of their citizens amid threats and weapon expansion in the North.

The Daily Star reported in October 2022, that the US and South Korea have fired four surface-to-surface missiles towards the Sea of Japan as tensions with North Korea continue to rise.

However, one of the four missiles failed shortly after launch, but luckily there were no casualties.

The firing of the rockets came almost 24 hours after Kim Jong-un's launching of a missile over Japan.

That missile landed in the Pacific Ocean but only after a worried Japanese government ordered citizens to seek shelter underground or in buildings in fear of an attack on the mainland.


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