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A man who has been on the run from prison for 40 days has finally been re-captured.

The North Korean defector escaped from a Chinese jail by jumping over an electric fence.

Known by the Chinese name of Zhu Xianjian, 39, he was located after a social media campaign went viral – which put a massive £82,000 bounty on his head, too.

When he was first being hunted, the bounty was just £11,000, rising to £17,000 if specific information led to his arrest.

A video on Chinese social media, and shared by state-run Beijing News shows the re-arrest of the man, who now looks like he hasn't eaten or had a drink in a long time.

His capture was confirmed by Chinese police.

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He had been in jail since 2013, having defected from North Korea via a river into China. Due to China's close relationship with the communist state, he was imprisoned once officers caught up with him.

He was convicted of illegal entry into China and theft for raiding several houses in a border village.

While there, he stole a mobile phone, money and clothes.

According to local reports, he also stabbed an elderly woman after she discovered him.

Another video, taken on October 18, shows how he scaled a shed at the prison in Jilin city, north-east China.

He climbed onto the roof, and launched himself over the prison's outer fence.

Prison guards did chase after him, but the man evaded them.

His prison sentence is due to end in 2023, when it is thought he will be force to return to North Korea.

He had already served nine years of his term – which could very well be lengthened after the failed escape attempt.

According to Human Rights Watch, there are around 1,100 North Koreans detained in Chinese prisons – all of whom will eventually end up back inside the country run by dictator Kim Jong-un.

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