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Four of the defendants caught in the prostitution ring were party officials in the nation. The ring involved female students from prestigious performing arts universities across North Korea.

Radio Free Asia confirmed the executions by firing quad took place last month in the capital of Pyongyang.

The news site said: “They were accused of buying sex or pimping in a network of paid trysts between officials and students at a high-end public bathhouse patronised by the city’s elites.”

A source at the executions told the site that other party officials and policymakers in the capital are involved in the case.

They said: “I was at the scene of the public execution and saw four Pyongyang party officials and two pimps being executed for organised prostitution.

“This particular case involved long-term organised prostitution for officials, using karaoke rooms at Munsuwon, located in Tongdaewon district.

“Many people, especially party officials and policymakers in Pyongyang are involved in this case.

“The head of Munsuwon and even famous movie stars conspired to arrange sexual encounters with the Central Committee and other party officials, offering female students in their 20s a side job with guaranteed pay of more than $500 per month.

“The woman involved are college students in their early to mid-20s attending the Pyongyang University of Music and Dance, or the Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts.”

It is believed the ring was exposed after several students went to the police after learning what their jobs entailed.

The source continued: “Kim Jong-un, who was enraged by the students at his favourite schools becoming involved in the sex trade, appears to have ordered the execution by shooting.”

Although prostitution is illegal in the nation, it is generally tolerated but crackdowns have been known to happen in the past.

Under North Korean law, prostitution carries a sentence of up to five years of hard labour.

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The source added: “There have been many cases of prostitution in Pyongyang recently, but no one has been shot to death over it.

“It seems to be that because central officials and college students are involved, the authorities wanted to make an example through the public execution.”

In June, North Korea began cracking down on the ‘human scum’ who have been sending leaflets, radios, US currency and Bibles over the border, Kim Jong-un’s sister said.

As part of a campaign, which has been going on since 2004, defectors have been dropping leaflets opposing the current regime into the nation using hydrogen balloons.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korea’s Supreme leader Kim Jong-un, has labelled the rebels ‘human scum’.

In the state-owned newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, Ms Jong said: “I would like to ask the South Korean authorities if they are ready to take care of the consequences of evil conduct done by the rubbish-like mongrel dogs who took no scruple to slander us while faulting the ‘nuclear issue’ in the meanest way at the most untimely time.

“I detest those who feign ignorance or encourage more than those who move to do others harm.”

She went on to call the defectors as “human scum little short of wild animals who betrayed their own homeland”.

Many speculate his sister would be next in line to serve as well as his uncle.

However, recent reports have said that Kim Yo Jong will have no chance of taking over the reins as North Korea’s leader, as the country would perceive her takeover an “insult” to democracy.

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