Nord Stream: Swedish Coast Guard captures gas leak

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The two pipelines supplying gas across most European nations were targeted by repeated explosions on Tuesday, causing a concerning release of gas into the Baltic Sea. Jeppe Kofod told Sky News the evidence is now pointing at a coordinated attack as he confirmed an international investigation is now underway. Mr Kofod said: “What we can see from all available information is that there have been huge explosions at the pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 that led to the gigantic leaks we have seen.

“That is what we know and it was intentional, not an accident or something like that.

“We’re now working very hard with all other countries in Europe, around the Baltic Sea in particular, to establish the facts so we can investigate what happened here.

“This is an international matter concerning all countries around the Baltic Sea. It happened in international waters but it’s something concerning all of us.”


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