Known for their stunning spotted coats, Dalmatians are such a beautiful breed.

And as well as their striking looks, they were also made famous by the iconic Disney film – 101 Dalmatians.

So, to celebrate the release of the live-action remake Cruella, which you can watch with Disney+ Premier Access, we thought we’d take a look at some interesting facts about Dalmatians, things you probably didn’t know.

There’s a lot more to this dog breed than fighting off the evil Cruella De Vil, they also make fantastic pets, TeamDogs reports.

From fun facts about their spots to what it takes to care for them, here is everything you need to know about the spotty four-legged friends.

1. Dalmatian puppies aren’t born with spots

That’s right, Dalmatian puppies are born completely spotless. They don’t have any spots when they’re born, their coats are completely white.

Their spots will start to appear over the coming weeks and months. And they’re not only black in colour, Dalmatians markings can also be a liver brown colour.

2. Hearing loss is common

Sadly, deafness is a problem for many Dalmatians including complete and partial hearing loss.

Around 30% of the breed suffer from a hearing impairment, and it is actually linked to their spots.

The same lack of melanin-producing cells which cause the pigmentation, also causes the increased susceptibility to deafness.

3. They like company

Dalmatians are sociable dogs, and they don’t like being left alone for too long. For those considering getting one of their own, they’d prefer a home where someone can be around a lot of the time as they’re prone to separation anxiety.

And while they’re lovable canines, they’re best suited to families with older children as they have a lot of energy and could easily knock over a small child accidentally.

4. Their spots are unique

Just like us humans have our own unique fingerprint, the same can be said for Dalmatians, except it’s their spots. They can be found all over their bodies, including in their mouths and they’re completely unique to them.

5. They have a lot of nicknames

We might know them as the Dalmatian, but it’s a breed who’s had many monikers over the years including the Firehouse Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Spotted Coach Dog and the English Coach Dog.

Their appearance has also led to nicknames such as the Plum Pudding Dog and the Spotted Dick.

I don’t think 101 Plum Puddings would have quite the same ring to it.

6. Dalmatians shed, a lot

Dalmatians are fairly low maintenance when it comes to grooming, they don’t need a lot of preening.

But unfortunately, they do shed loads. So if you’re house proud or you suffer from fur allergies, they’re not the breed for you.

7. They need plenty of exercise

A Dalmatian is not a breed for families who like to take things slowly. They’re full of energy and like to be on the go all the time.

They actually need at least two hours of exercise a day, as well as some time to run off the lead. Because of this, you also need to make sure you’ve spent time dedicated to their training.

8. They were previously working dogs

The origin of the Dalmatian is somewhat unknown, but over the years, they’ve been well known for being working dogs.

They’ve been used for herding, hunting and coaching, and because of their high intelligence, they’ve also been used as show dogs in the circus.

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9. They are as beautiful in real life as they are in the film

Okay, so this is a bit of an obvious one, especially if you love the breed as much as we do.

And they’re not only beautiful, but they also make loving and loyal pets.

Cruella is in cinemas from Friday May 28 or you can watch it on Disney+ with Premier Access.

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