Heroic NHS doctors fighting coronavirus have shared powerful photos showing the devastating reality of treating infected COVID-19 patients.

The images serve as a moving plea for people to do their part and self isolate, as the UK death toll continues to rise.

One exhausted nurse, Natalie Silvey, posted a selfie showing her drained face covered in red and purple marks.

The sore marks were caused by protective gear all NHS staff are forced to wear to protect themselves against coronavirus.

Dr Silvey shared the image at the end of a nine-hour shift working with ill patients, a task which she said left her "broken."

Alongside the image, she said: "This is the face of someone who just spent 9 hours in personal protective equipment moving critically ill Covid19 patients around London.

"I feel broken – and we are only at the start.

"I am begging people, please please do social distancing and self isolation #Covid19.

“Those red/purple marks across my face are from my mask and are deeper than you think."

She added: "Today I have seen just what Covid19 is doing and now I just want to scream at people to listen to us.

“I volunteered to do this. The consultant anaesthetist I was with volunteered. This is bringing out the best of us.

"Now can the rest of the country please bring out their best and listen!”

After posting the image, fellow NHS staff members posted similar photos in solidarity with her efforts.

One woman, with similar marks on her face, said: "I fell your pain this was me last night on shift as a critical nurse when I went on my lunch hour after wearing a mask and all the gear and do you know what, I wouldn't be doing anything else."

Others took to the platform and thanked the pair, one said: "It makes me cry when I think about what all medical workers are doing.

"You are all heroes."

With a second adding: "Thank you to you and your colleagues, please stay safe."

And a third added: "Saying thank you doesn't seem enough but thank you for everything that you're doing.

"Our country will be forever indebted to you, your colleagues in the NHS and other key workers.

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