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A top chippie has warned tourists they may struggle to get their hands on a battered Mars Bar in Scotland due to a looming shortage.

The devastating news comes as food-lovers declared a "national disaster" in response to a lack of stock on shop shelves.

One chip shop in Edinburgh said the insufficient supply could threaten the popular deep-fried snack.

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UK supermarkets have also been dealing with the shortage – which has been sparked by an increase in demand.

Clamshell Takeaway in Edinburgh has sparked further fears the shortage will mean battered Mars Bars won't be available.

It said they ran out last week and were unable to make the Scottish delicacy which has proved popular with tourists.

Asda, Tesco and Morrisons shoppers have found gaps on the shelves and "out of stock" messages for Mars Bars on some supermarket’s websites.

Mars Wrigley, owners of Mars Bars, said the shortages have been caused by "high levels of demand".

Locals in Scotland had a mixed reaction to the news today.

One said: ''No Mars bars – it’s a crime against humanity…''

Another added: ''This is a national disaster."

A third commented: "Oh no, life as we know it is over.''

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But others on social media joked the shortage would be good for people’s health.

One said: “Would not think that they would be good for your health”, while another said: “That might be a good thing.”

Some else labelled the treat: “Heart attack food.”

Another said: “Maybe this 'crisis' is a good thing for a nation which is killing itself through terrible diet.”

One local claimed Scots don’t eat deep-friend Mars bars and put the shortage down to tourists.

She said: “I feel like this is mostly due to tourists as opposed to actual Scots.

“We don't really eat fried Mars Bar, or at least I don't know anyone who's had one, but for some reason folk outside UK are told by media that we love it.”

Someone else said: “I have lived in Edinburgh all my 74 years and have never heard anyone say that they have ever eaten or seen one.”

Another added: "Deep fried Mars Bars? Who actually sells these? It's just the city centre chippies that sell them for the tourists and visitors, isn't it?"

Takeaway bosses said they were relieved to have the bars in stock again after running out last week.

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