A horrifying attack from a crazed seagull has left a nan bloodied and scratched after the bird swooped down and landed some jabs with its claws.

Grandmother Brenda Thrumble, 66, ended up resembling "something from a Freddy Krueger film" after she was attacked by the seagull as she walked home.

The 66-year-old had fallen victim to the angered bird which was said to be protecting its young in Broadstairs, Kent.

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Thrumble ended up hiding behind a hedge to escape from the bloody attack from the furious bird which the nan said "went for my head."

The mum-of-three spoke of the horrifying incident, saying: "I was minding my own business when suddenly something went for my head.

"It came at me from behind so there was no way of expecting anything – it just went 'whack' on my head.

"I put my hand on my head and blood was coming out profusely. I thought 'oh my gosh' that's a lot. It had instantly drawn blood – it went at me with its claws rather than beak.

"I looked like something from a Freddy Krueger film. Blood was pouring out, down my face, top and onto my toes."

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The brutal attack did leave Thrumble coated in blood drawn by the bird, which the 66-year-old labelled a "right old nightmare" and "not a good experience to have."

After hiding behind a hedge, the grandmother was eventually rescued by a neighbour wearing a motorbike helmet, with Thrumble saying she was "frightened to move" and "afraid".

Once she reached safety, she was assessed by paramedics and the wounds to her head were cleaned, with "lots of little holes" where the bird had clawed her, KentOnline reported.

The grandmother added: "I'm happy to have lived to tell the tale."


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