Farmers markets are closing across Nova Scotia, but will now be popping up online.

The Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia (FMNS) has recommended its more than 30 members cease operations immediately and shift to online stores, which will offer centralized pick-up points and potentially door-to-door service.

FMNS says it’s working as quickly as possible to make the necessary changes.

“By launching these online stores as a unified cohort, we’re showing Nova Scotians that our farmers markets are committed to both safety and cooperation, and that farmers’ markets will continue to play an incredibly important role in Nova Scotia, even during difficult times,” Justin Cantafio, executive director of FMNS, said in a news release.

The transition was made possible thanks to $30,000 from the Department of Agriculture.

“We are moving quickly to help our farmers’ markets to transition into online businesses so Nova Scotians can continue to have safe access to the locally-produced farm food products they love, even during this period of COVID-19 response,” said Keith Colwell, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Agriculture.

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