A British millionaire jeweller shot dead by a former lover may have been murdered on the orders of a business rival, his fiancée claims.

Andy Bush was shot dead by his swimwear model former girlfriend at his Spanish mansion in 2014.

His wife-to-be Maria Korotaeva has now opened up about her own theories regarding the crime, reports the Daily Mirror.

She says the businessman had proposed to her at dinner before heading home in £60,000 gold-plated Humvee 4×4, where they found Slovakian Mayka Kukucova waiting inside with a .38 revolver.

Kukucova shot Bush three times, twice in the head, before escaping in his car back to Slovakia and is now in jail.

The murder was put down as revenge by a jealous lover at a Malaga court — but Maria believes differently.

In a new book, Maria, 27, alleges that the killing was at the behest of a rival and she backs this up with claims he received death threats over plans to start a jewellery business in London.

“A couple of weeks before his murder, Andy was in Germany at a jewellers' conference,” she said.

“He came back really upset, saying that someone, a rival entrepreneur, I think, was threatening him because of his plans. We think Mayka was told if she did the murder she would get three or four years.

“I’m now worried she may come find me when she gets out. God knows what she is thinking. What is in her head?”

Maria says Bush never reported the sinister threats to police because at the time “they didn’t take them seriously”.

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Bush began dating Maria after splitting with Kukucova who he was with for two years.

They were at his villa in Estepona, near Marbella, for a romantic weekend when the attack happened.

“I went in first and as I entered, I saw that dirty dishes were lying on the table and I knew that they weren’t mine," said Maria.

“I knew someone was in so I went to the second floor and I saw Mayka in her pyjamas. It was the first time I had ever seen her. She looked at me with no emotion whatsoever.

“I got scared and I just screamed. I ran outside and back to the car.”

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Bush then went inside the house to speak to Kukucova and after 10 minutes Kukucova came out and drove off in his car.

Kukucova headed back across Europe to her home town in Slovakia before handing herself in to police and is now serving a 13-year jail sentence.

Throughout the trial there was no mention of any conspiracy to kill Bush.

Maria says she battled depression for 18 months after his murder – and she is fearful Kukucova could come after her when she is released.

She believes she is “clearly a dangerous person” and will want revenge.

“It’s already been seven years," she said.

"There’s not very long left until she comes out. I’m worried that she may come and find me. What stops her? Nothing. You can find me easily because of my social media.”

After the killing, Maria moved to Tenerife before returning to the UK for a while.

She has now moved back to her native Russia, where she wrote the book during lockdown.

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