Two mums enjoying a day out with their children on a picnic were 'attacked' and had a dog 'set on them' by Covid deniers.

The women were allegedly viciously attacked by the Covid deniers who threatened to rip their masks off their faces.

One of the mums was put in a chokehold, NewsAU reports, and was pushed and kicked in front of their horrified children.

Jacquelyn, who was at a park in Blackburn North, Australia, says another group came into the reserve when she and another woman were setting up the picnic for their 12-year-old daughters on Thursday afternoon.

Among the deniers was a man, woman, and up to five children aged eight to 12, she says, and claims they began to abuse the children after defacing signs and property within the park.

No one in the group were wearing masks, it's reported.

When the two mums attempted to leave the hostile situation, the woman allegedly grabbed her friend and put her in a chokehold as the children attacked her.

Jacquelyn said: “They should be ashamed of themselves."

Three bystanders rushed to their aid but they were verbally threatened by the man in the group, who reportedly set his dog on them.

Alex Kimberley, who intervened, was bitten after he tried to stop the fight.

“Seriously, you can have your own views and that’s fine, but to take it out on people like this is just disgusting,” he said.

He slammed the situation as "ridiculous" and was concerned over the women's safety over his own.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Graham Ross urged those involved to speak to the police, calling the incident a "vicious assault".

It's believed the dog involved was a Stafffordshire Bull Terrier.

Victoria Police has also issued an image of a man and two adult women from the group they want to speak to.

The man was described as caucasian and was wearing black track pants with distinctive stripes on the side, a black t-shirt and runners.

He had a sleeve tattoo on his left arm and a bald head with a goatee.

The woman was also perceived to be caucasian and was wearing a long black jacket and black pants.

She had long dark hair and aged in her 30s to 40s.

Police have urged anyone who witnessed the incident to contact a nearby station or Crime Stoppers.

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