A mother with suspected coronavirus has been left heartbroken after she is denied access to her daughter for two weeks.

Ingé Kirsten posted a harrowing video online where she is gasping for air, while being hooked up to a ventilator in hospital.

The 36-year-old Geordie has a heart condition and is begging the UK to self-isolate and follow the social distancing guidelines.

Ingé was sent home from her job in a call centre without being tested.

She was told by her doctor that she is likely suffering from coronavirus and to stay away from others.

Ingé desperately misses her daughter and has been trying to cope with loneliness while self-isolating.

She said: "It is really hard being away from Macey. She came to hospital with me and my cousin and the doctor told her to take my daughter home to her house as she cannot be around me for 14 days.

"So she’s currently at my cousin's home. We’ve been FaceTiming but she’s only 10 and missing being with me a lot."

The mother, from Newcastle, has slammed those who have carried on their everyday lives, ignoring the government’s Covid-19 warnings and advice.

She told the Mirror Online : “I think it’s really bad. I don’t think people have realised how serious it is.

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"Why aren’t pubs or bars realising the impact that they are having by staying open? Why would people put their lives and others at risk? It’s bizarre to me.

"I think people think they’re immune to it. No one is. It’s doesn’t discriminate who it takes hold of.

"I'm sure no one would want themselves or their loved ones in this position or worse.

“I understand people are scared and panicking buying but not sparing a thought for other is awful.

"I’m glad I can’t leave my house to witness it first hand. People have been leaving care packages at my door for me.

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"I’ve seen so many lovely posts of people helping others, older people, with care packages.

"I shared my story as I was sick of people not taking it seriously and still putting themselves or others at risk. Hopefully they’ll be a bit more mindful now.”

Igné said that her symptoms first started showing last Thursday, the day after her birthday.

She added: “I didn’t do anything on my birthday as I’ve just moved into my new house.

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"But I slept for almost 24 hours and just generally felt really unwell.

"Then Saturday I started to get a sore throat and losing my voice. By Sunday afternoon I could barely breathe for coughing.

"I had to call 111 again last night and they sent an ambulance pretty quick as I couldn’t breathe for coughing.

"They ran some tests for blood pressure, temperature, etc but as it wasn’t bad enough to be admitted they’ve told me to carry on as I am isolating at home with the steroids and paracetamol.”

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