A mother allegedly killed her five-month old daughter so she could “fulfill the last of her sins, murder”, court documents have revealed.

Kristhie Alcazar, from New Jersey, US, was charged with stabbing her baby to death at her home in an apartment building in Penns Grove on Friday.

The 26-year-old, who made her first court appearance yesterday, apparently showed no remorse for her actions to police.

According to the affidavit obtained by ABC 6, Alcazar told police: "She would not change any of the events surrounding the murder."

Police were only alerted to the incident after responding to a call with loud disturbances in the background on Friday night.

Authorities say the child’s body had visible stab wounds when they found her.

As reported by Law & Crime, an autopsy performed by the coroner’s office showed multiple stab wounds to the child’s “heart area”.

When police arrived at the scene, Alcazar was reportedly arguing with someone.

Officials confirmed the father of the child was not at home at the time of the stabbing.

Police also received multiple knives from the property for evidence but it is unclear whether all were used in the incident.

Neighbours were reportedly shocked by the incident and have since created a memorial to the child on the porch.

Speaking to ABC 6, neighbour Wandy Burgos called it a “tragedy” and described Alcazar as a “nice lady”.

Another neighbour Arthur Edge had lived next to Alcazar for two years and said the incident was a “shock to me”.

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Alcazar faces the maximum sentence of life in prison if she is convicted of the baby’s death.

As reported by ABC 6, Judge Allen-Jackson told Alcazar: "Murder purposely, murder knowingly, both first degree offenses carrying a maximum penalty of life.”

Alcazar is due back in court on Thursday after the prosecutor's office has filed a detention motion.

She has no previous criminal record and is currently being held at Salem County Jail without bond.

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