A mum has been charged with murder and torture after police found the body of her three-year-old son in her freezer.

Azuradee France, 31, from Detroit in the United States, left cops stunned after her child Chase was discovered decomposing inside the appliance in her basement on Friday (June 24) morning.

They had been attending her property to perform a check on the boy — who was blind — after social services had been called more than a dozen times in the past year, reports Fox News.

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A local police boss said his officers decided to force their way in at 12:45pm after the mum had denied them entry, with the child's body retrieved shortly afterwards.

His death was determined as a homicide after inspection by a medical examiner.

Describing his officer's decision to enter the house, Detroit Police Chief James White told a press conference: "The discovery would not be possible without the officers' intuition. They recognized there was something not right in the way the occupant was communicating with them"

One of Chase's relatives said France had refused to let the family look after the boy after she had struggled to care for him.

Speaking to local news, she said: "She couldn't deal with it, and we all said give him to us if you can't deal with it"

"He was the sweetest one. He was so sweet."

Chase's 11-year-old cousin Zy’air Anderson meanwhile described him as a "funny little boy" and the "youngest best friend" I had.

France has now been charged with felony murder, first-degree child abuse, torture, and concealing the death of an individual.

A statement from the Prosecutor's Office said that her case remains under investigation. France was remanded to jail on Sunday (June 26), with a probable cause conference on the charges set to begin on July 8.


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