A debate over constitutional reforms in Jordan ended with a scuffle between MPs in the middle of parliament as the event was live-streamed to the world.

The short clip shows a number of Jordanian involved in the heated brawl as others try to break it up at the House of Representatives in Amman on December 28.

Fighting broke out during a debate over reforms that would see the Arabic female noun for a Jordanian citizen added into a chapter in the constitution on equal rights.

The debate quickly became fiery after some MP’s were heard shouting it was "useless".

Footage of the debate, which was streamed live on TV channel Al-Mamlaka, was shared on Twitter and amassed 10s of thousands of views.

It shows one Jordanian MP appearing to be held back before he attempts to lash out at another.

You can then see another MP hit the man from behind as he continues to strike him.

The fistfight allegedly started after a row between Deputy Suleiman Abu Yahya and parliament House Speaker Abdul Karim Dughmi.

Mr Abu Yahya is reported to have questioned Mr Dughmi’s ability to "run the show" before his remarks prompted the house speaker to ask him to leave.

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Another MP is then said to have made remarks about the reform and refused to apologise.

No one was injured during the brawl but the scenes caused the session to be halted till the following day

A fellow Jordanian MP has blasted the actions of those involved in the brawl and called it “unacceptable”.

Khalil Atiyeh, a member of parliament who witnessed the session, said: "There was a verbal shouting match that turned into fist-fighting by several deputies.

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"The behaviour is unacceptable to our people and harms our country's reputation."

Tuesday's incident prompted a number of comments on social media with members noting a female watching as the men brawl.

One said: "Notice the one lone elected woman who bravely stays and watches the schoolyard antics of her colleagues."

Another added: "This is absolutely shocking. I have no words."

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