The City of Montreal is temporarily changing its street parking restrictions during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Officials announced on Monday that it will not enforce the rules that usually come into effect on April 1.

Under the plan, street cleaning and parking restrictions have been delayed by one month. They will begin in May.

“Throughout the month of April, there will be no tickets issued for these offences,” the city said in a statement. “This measure is valid for all of the boroughs.”

The measure comes as the city enhances its strategy to help curb COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. This includes shutting down playgrounds to limit mass gatherings of children.

The city is also laxing the rules for reserved street parking for residents. All vignettes are considered valid until further notice, even if they are expired.

However, drivers should take note that only vehicles with the sticker can park in those spots or they still risk getting a ticket.

In a statement, the city said the changes will help keep residents safe and facilitate movement during the pandemic.

Montreal’s parking agents will still be enforcing other rules in the meantime. Parking metres are still in operation and must be respected.

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