Montreal-area food banks are being affected by the mitigation measures in place to combat COVID-19.

“We’ve gotta look at, you know, the needs of the individual and also the need of the greater community, and how do we balance those, and it’s really tough,” said Kim Reid, president and founder of On Rock Community Services in Pierrefonds.

“The clients who pick up here, they won’t be allowed to enter the building,” he said. “We’ll hand them a box at the door.”

Sun Youth plans to do the same thing with people making appointments online or by fax.

But as job losses mount with companies cutting staff, Sun Youth emergency services director Eric Kingsley believes the number of clients could increase. That and a shortage of staff could bring another challenge to their ability to serve the public.

“Some of our staff are affected with the closing of the schools and the daycares,” he explained.

He and workers at other food banks fear what could happen if the crisis isn’t solved soon.

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