This the heart-stopping moment a Ukrainian drone drops two bombs directly on a unit of Russians on the battle front.

The aerial footage shows the missiles barreling towards the helpless soldiers as they crawl through a field in an unspecified location in Ukraine.

Their cover is soon blown as the explosive devices land a few feet away from their position.

The impact from the blast sends one soldier spiralling backwards. He appears immobilised but it’s unclear whether he was injured by the explosion.

It comes amid mounting failures for Vladimir Putin as he meets stiff Ukrainian resistance on the battlefield.

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30th brigade perform 2 drone drops on a crawling group of Russian infantry
byu/Chr0matic1 inUkraineWarVideoReport

On Thursday, Ukraine admitted to blowing up a close ally of Vladimir Putin in the occupied region of Luhansk in retribution for his pro-Moscow stance.

Mikhail Filiponenko was branded a “war criminal” and an “executioner” running “torture camps” in the region, subjecting prisoners of war and even civilians to “inhumane” treatments.

Ukraine’s military spy agency admitted Filiponenko was targeted in a car bomb attack after photos emerged showing a mangled SUV with a blood-blood soaked backseat.

It released the following statement: “Filiponenko himself personally brutally tortured people.”

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The agency added that the car bombing would serve as a clear warning to “traitors to Ukraine and collaborators with terrorist Russia in temporarily occupied territories … will receive just retribution!”

Twenty-one months after Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, Russia is increasingly looking like a pariah state.

Acutely aware that his country is teetering on the brink of collapse, Putin is making a diplomatic push with the few allies he has left.

The Russian president visited Kazakhstan on Thursday as part of his efforts to cement ties with the ex-Soviet neighbour and major economic partner amid tensions with the West over Ukraine.

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Putin’s talks in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana follow his trip last month to Kyrgyzstan for a summit of ex-Soviet nations and a visit to China.

His trip to Kazakhstan comes days after French President Emmanuel Macron visited Astana and hailed Tokayev for withstanding geopolitical “pressures” in a hint at Moscow’s efforts to keep the neighbour in its orbit.

Relations with Kazakhstan and other former Soviet republics in Central Asia have become increasingly important for Russia as it has sought new import routes to bypass bruising Western sanctions over its actions in Ukraine.

Russian officials, meanwhile, have voiced concern about what they describe as Western efforts to pull Moscow’s allies away from its orbit.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted last month that the West was aggressively courting Central Asian nations, offering them trade and economic benefits in order to discourage them from maintaining strong ties with Moscow.

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